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At MyLife Financial, we specialize in brokering Medicare and Health Insurance plans. While we may not be licensed with every carrier, we are accredited with a wide array of them. With years of experience, we’ve assisted countless individuals and couples in navigating the complexities of insurance. Our primary objective is to collaborate with you, ensuring a clear understanding of the available options and identifying the one that aligns with your unique requirements.

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The Evolution of MyLife Financial

A Journey from Independence to Innovation

Hey there! Let me take you on a little journey back to March 2017. That’s when MyLife Financial first sprang to life, all thanks to Jared Briggs. Picture this: Jared, flying solo as an independent insurance agent, diving deep into the world of supplemental insurance. He was all over it, from covering accidents to tackling critical illnesses and everything in between.

But then, Jared stumbled upon a golden opportunity: Medicare. With so many folks hitting retirement each day in the U.S., the maze of Medicare seemed like a challenge just waiting for someone like him. Diving into Medicare wasn’t just an eye-opener; it was like finding a hidden door to a whole new world—individual health insurance, dental, vision, life insurance, you name it.

The MyLife Financial you see today? It’s been shaped by real talks, real people, and real needs. Hundreds of conversations with individuals and couples have helped us see exactly what’s needed out there.

And here’s the cool part: as an independent agency, we’re like your personal shopping assistant for insurance. We’ve got the freedom to browse through offerings from a bunch of insurance carriers to find that perfect fit for your unique situation. No one’s breathing down our necks telling us what to do or how to do it. Why? Because our number one focus is you. That’s our secret sauce, the reason we proudly say, “We Do It Different.”

So, welcome to MyLife Financial—where it’s all about you and finding the best ways to protect and enhance your life.


Jared Briggs

Owner & Licensed Agent

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 Whether you’re in Evanston or Green River, we’ve got a cozy spot just for you. Our doors are always open, inviting you to step into a warm, friendly environment where all your insurance questions can find answers. We believe in face-to-face conversations, understanding your needs over a cup of coffee, and making you feel at home. So, don’t be a stranger! Come visit us at our Evanston or Green River locations. We’re not just here to help; we’re here to make you feel part of the MyLife Financial family

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Armed with insights from our visit, our team will curate a selection of insurance plans that match your needs and wants. We’ll provide you with detailed comparisons of each option, covering benefits, coverage limits, premiums, and any other relevant information to help you make an informed decision.


Enroll & Secure Coverage

Once you’ve selected the ideal insurance plan, we’ll guide you through the enrollment process to secure your coverage promptly and efficiently. Our team will assist with paperwork, answer any final questions, and ensure you’re fully informed about how to make the most of your new insurance policy.

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 There’s nothing quite like hearing success stories straight from those who’ve experienced them. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do at MyLife Financial, and their feedback lights the way for our journey. Dive into the reviews from people just like you, who found not just insurance, but peace of mind, support, and a team that truly cares. From navigating the complexities of Medicare to securing the perfect life insurance policy, discover how we’ve made a difference in the lives of many. Join the MyLife Financial family and see what genuine care and tailored solutions can do for you.

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